Questionnaire on this study abroad

Please select the corresponding items or write your own ideas.

1.initial name* number*


4.Is it your first time in Japan?*

5.What kind of image is Osaka?

6.What do you want to achieve in this short-term study abroad?

I have a question about the apartment I currently live in.

1.Are you satisfied with the location?*

2.How is the appearance of the building?*

3.You have to go up the stairs to your room, how do you feel?*

4.You stay in a shared room apartment, how do you feel?*

5.How about using facilities (kitchen, bath, toilet) with other people?*

6.How about the garbage disposal system in Japan?*

About communication / Living environment

1.Do you think you can make friends during this program? And with whom?*

2.Earthquakes often happen in Japan, how do you feel?*

3.What do you like in Japan (place, thing)?

4.What do you not like in Japan (place, thing)?

5.Where would you like to visit while this program?

6.Do you frequently contact with your parents? And how?

7.What do you expect most of this study abroad?

8.What do your parents expect most of your study abroad?

9.What are the things you are most concerned about during your study abroad?

10.What are the things your parents are most concerned about during your study abroad?


Thank you for your cooperation.

We send you another questionnaire on August 16.