Questionnaire for the first month of moving in

Thank you for participating in the questionnaire this time.
This questionnaire will be used for future service improvement.
This survey takes about 5 minutes.
The answers to the questionnaire were processed statistically,
It is not published as information that can be identified by a specific individual.

Please select the corresponding items or write your own ideas. number*


3.native country*

4.What are you studying?*

5.Is it your first time in Japan?*

About the accommodation

6.Are you satisfied with the location?*

7.How is the appearance of the building?*

8.You have to go up the stairs to your room, how do you feel?*

9.You stay in a shared room apartment, how do you feel?*

10.How about using facilities (kitchen, bath, toilet) with other people?*

If you select "slightly dissatisfied" or "dissatisfied", please write the reason.

11.When you stay in shared room apartment, do you have any trouble with the roommates?*

If you select "yes", please write what happens.

12.How about the garbage disposal system in Japan?*

13.Do you want to recommend  your room to other international students?*

If you select "No", please write what happens.

Thank you for your cooperation.