Osaka University CO-OP

“MY ROOM”  CUN-Project

(For short term stay)


Merits of CUN-rooms

● You can reserve rooms until 7 days in advance.

● The accommodation cost is considerably cheaper than normal hotels.

● The rooms are fully furnished and free Wi-Fi is available.

● It is very convenient to go to Osaka University from the accommodation.

   (To Suita campus: about 20 minutes on foot, To Toyonaka campus: about 40 minutes by train,

    To Minoh campus: about 30 minutes by bus)

● The room is shared by 3 Osaka Univ. students, so you can communicate with other Japanese / International Students.

● Our office is nearby the accommodation and we will quickly cope with troubles which occur in the accommodation. 


Location and equipments



The room has only slide doors inside. So, you cannot lock the private rooms.

(You can lock the entrance door of the apartment.)

And some rooms are Japanese style (Tatami mattress).

The room is shared by maximum 3 residents.

Those 3 residents must be students/researchers of Osaka University.

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The apartment has no elevator.

Our office

The office of “MY ROOM” is located on Suita campus (Central Terrace 2F). If you have serious troubles, please come to our office. We will cope with them quickly.

Co-op membership

In order to enter the room, you must join to Osaka university Co-op after coming to Japan. The membership fee is 3,000 yen and it will be returned at the time of withdrawal.

Rent fee

There is a difference between the type of each room (Japanese / Western) and the size (8.21 m 2 / 10.9 m 2), but the rent fee is the same amount.

Changing rooms

Please do not change the rooms inside the apartment without telling it to “MY ROOM” staffs.

And changing the rooms after contract is basically prohibited.


Rooms for Men and Women are separated.
There are apartment for men and apartment for women.

Moving out

If you move out on March or September, please check out by 25th (At the end both months, a lot of new coming students want to enter to the apartment).




User’s voice

For international students, the most troublesome thing is the purchase of furniture. However, in this room, all furniture had been prepared from the beginning (there were more things than we expected!).

Besides, there are supermarkets and restaurants nearby, so this location is really convenient for meals and shopping.

Most importantly, the best thing for me is to be able to walk to the university in just 20 minutes.

Because the Internet had been also prepared, I was able to do research from the day of moving. I’m really happy to live here.(Y.L. (male), Graduate school of engineering)


Fee Structure

Short term stay (for a fixed period)

less than 10days

4500yen/day(Water,gas,electricity is included.)

No key money.

Group discount is available.

less than 20days

4300yen/day(Water,gas,electricity is included.)

No key money.

Group discount is available.

less than 30days

4100yen/day(Water,gas,electricity is included.)

No key money.

Group discount is available.

less than 40days

3900yen/day(Water,gas,electricity is included.)

No key money.

Group discount is available.

40days and more

39,000(Water,gas,electricity is included.)

Key money is required.

Group discount is not available.

※NOTE: Rent fee for check-in month is daily divided. And rent fee for check-out month costs for a full month regardless of the moving out date.

※Key money: 39,000yen

※Group discount : If you sign up for rooms of this apartment with more than 12 people, amounts of every fee is 10% off.



Reservation Form 

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